by Dreemus

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Recorded in late 2009, mixed in early 2010.


released May 23, 2010

All music written and performed by Dreemus (Kasey Crusen and Tom Barnett)



all rights reserved


Dreemus Lansing, Michigan

Keep Dreemus away from children.

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Track Name: Mouthshot (intro)
If you're startin' shit with us, that's a mouthshot.
Mean muggin' on the bus, that's a mouthshot.
You don't wanna cause a fuss, that's a mouthshot.
Got a pimple full of pus, that's a mouthshot.
Everything has been done before, some people just do it better again.
How many people have said it before, huh, go ask your friends.
Now we're back to settle the score, and I don't need to pretend.
We'll kick your ass and punch your mouth, you'll be bleeding from both ends.
If you're talkin' shit to me, that's a mouthshot.
Walkin' like you gotta pee, that's a mouthshot.
If your beggin' for mercy, that's a mouthshot.
If you live in Traverse City, that's a mouthshot.
If you stop the CD...
Track Name: Piss In My Cup
Think twice motherfucker 'fore you piss in my cup!
All I can think about is fucking you up.
You better go back to where the fuck you began!
Here comes a boy that wants to fuck with a man.
You picked the wrong day to get in my face!
Wouldn't you know, you even picked the wrong place.
You wanna keep your brains inside of your head!
Go the fuck home, or you're gonna be dead.
This dumb motherfucker done shit on my plate!
Gotta release this anger and hate.
Steppin' to me is like slittin' your wrist!
And here you are thinkin' I'm a pacifist.
(you) don't even wanna know what's under my skin!
Completely unaware of the danger you're in.
So get a fuckin' clue, man, stay the fuck back!
(you) can't stand up to this vicious attack.
Track Name: Shoulda Not
Dreemus is back witha fuckin vengeance
Don't forget, remember when I say this:
WE WILL FUCK YOU UP! (that's true)
WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK! (bout you)

If you think that you can take this
Step right up to all this greatness
NOTHING BUT A CUNT! (that's you)

If you want to fuck with us
well we can take it off this bus
we'll drag you off at the next stop
and then we'll cut you up
and dump you in the nearest lake
you've finally made your last mistake
and so before you fucking rot
just know you shoulda not

You're either brave or really stupid
That's cliche but I'm gonna use it
AINT NO FUCKING DOUBT! (you're dead)

I don't think you quite understand me
You'll die unloved all cold and clammy
NO ONE WILL SHOW UP! (for you)
NO ONE GIVES A FUCK! (bout you)

Track Name: Shovel
Tested my patience and it failed again.
Something outrageous gonna happen, my friend.
You're fuckin' with anger that you don't understand.
Take a couple guesses about how it's gonna end.

I don't need a rifle, I don't need a mob.
All I need is a shovel for both parts of the job.
Aint no goin' back now, the corn is off the cob.
Now that your two feet under, I'm gonna go rape your mom. Yeehaw!