Too Much (single)

by Dreemus

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Single for the song "Too Much". Includes remixes


released April 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Dreemus Lansing, Michigan

Keep Dreemus away from children.

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Track Name: Too Much
Got unlimited pecs, and I kill with my sex,
And my shit comes correct just like fuckin' spellcheck.
Thirty-ish, dirty-ish, so discourteous.
Take a step back and behold our worthiness.

Too much...too much

When I call up my peeps it always gives them the creeps,
'Cause I tell them the things that I did in their sleep.
(it involves lubricant) Ha ha ha ha ha
Take a step back and behold our worthiness.

Too much...too much
Track Name: Piss In My Cup (not on ur life)
Think twice motherfucker 'fore you piss in my cup!
All I can think about is fucking you up.
You better go back to where the fuck you began!
Here comes a boy that wants to fuck with a man.
You picked the wrong day to get in my face!
Wouldn't you know, you even picked the wrong place.
You wanna keep your brains inside of your head!
Go the fuck home, or you're gonna be dead.
This dumb motherfucker done shit on my plate!
Gotta release this anger and hate.
Steppin' to me is like slittin' your wrist!
And here you are thinkin' I'm a pacifist.
(you) don't even wanna know what's under my skin!
Completely unaware of the danger you're in.
So get a fuckin' clue, man, stay the fuck back!
(you) can't stand up to this vicious attack.